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What are cookies?

When you pay visit to our website Small Instant Cash Loans, you may notice a small popped up message asking for your permission to allow cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is used to collect anonymous information about you. A cookie file is created by the web server when you try to access our website. These files remain unique for a particular browser. We are unable to identify you if you use a different web browser to request our web pages.

Cookies enable our website to remember you on your subsequent visits. It also helps us in tailoring your browsing experience as per your requirements. These small files are stored in your computer hard drive. You may rest assured that cookies will never access your confidential information. Our website utilizes cookies to obtain information like unique identifier, site name and some digits and numbers.

Cookies are harmless files as they are not run as computer programs. If you allow cookies, then you can see the content which you want when you go back to our website. Cookies help us in improving our services so that you can have better browsing experience at our website. Information collected by cookies is not related to your identity.

For what purpose Small Instant Cash Loans need cookies?

These small files tell us about your overall experience at our website. Using cookies, we get access to non personal details like the number of people visited our website, the number of people who have shown interest in our services, access time of the user, browser type and language, IP address, most viewed pages of the website etc. Cookies give us information regarding usage of our website. Processing speed of the website gets better due to the use of cookies. You will experience smooth navigation between the pages of the website if cookies are accepted by you. We also need cookies for advertisement purposes.

How can you delete or block cookies?

Blocking or deleting cookies is easy. You need to change the configuration of the browser setting in order to block cookies. If you opt out of cookies, then you may be not able to access protected content and our website will treat you as new user.

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